The Love Lock Bridge

Lock locks started to appear on the Wye Bridge in 2012 and were the first to appear in Derbyshire, presently there are many hundreds now attached to the bridge. The love locks may be loved by some and hated by others however it does indicate that there is still some love in the world.

A love lock or love padlock, as it is sometimes known, is a padlock which is inscibed with the intials of two lovers, attached to a public fixture and the key thrown away, symbolising unbreakable and everlasting love for each other. Around the world, cities from Moscow to Rome are filled with fences, bridges, and poles adorned with padlocks.

The love locks here in Bakewell are under threat from removal, please join our Facebook group and help save them.

The History of Love Locks

The tradition of love locks fastened to bridges is believed to have begun in Serbia during World War I, after a woman died of heartbreak when her lover deserted her for another woman he met at war. The local women, horrified at befalling the same fate, began to fasten padlocks on the bridge where the two lovers used to meet. Today, love lock bridges can be found all over the world. Here are some of the best known bridges for declaring your everlasting affection for your one true love.

According to the Visit Peak District & Derbyshire Official Travel Blog, the Love lock Bridge at Bakewell has been noted as one of the top 10 places to propose in Derbyshire & the Peak District. Read more here

Jenna and Ryan, a young couple from Kings Lynn have added their love lock to the bridge in Bakewell.

Engraved with both their names, it will symbolise the everlasting and unbreakable love for each other.

Bakewell love lock bridge is becoming part of the wedding day with newly weds adding there own love locks to the bridge.

Read a little more about Love locks which adorn public fixtures around the world here at The Love Lock Diaries. https://lovelockdiaries.wordpres

Bakewell Love Lock bridge is becoming quite the tourist attraction and is probably the most photographed bridge in Bakewell.

You can buy and have your lock lock engraved here in Bakewell.