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Earliest known Bakewell pudding recipe comes to Bakewell

posted Oct 3, 2013, 12:24 PM by Whatson Bakewell   [ updated Oct 3, 2013, 12:27 PM ]

On loan from the Records Office until November 5th 2013 and can be viewed at The Old House Museum, Bakewell.

Is this the EARLIEST Bakewell Pudding recipe? 

Most people are familiar with the story of Mrs. Greaves and the Bakewell Pudding created ‘by accident’ at the Rutland Arms in the town.  In the Bakewell Town Guide of 1936 Vernon Cockerton relates that “one day when important visitors were expected at the Inn for dinner Mrs. Greaves was instructing her cook how she wished the pastry making for a strawberry tart.  The egg mixture . . . . was to be stirred into the pastry and the strawberry jam was to be spread on top of the pastry.  Mrs Greaves was suddenly called away . . . .  and the cook . . . . did not stir the egg mixture into the pastry but poured it over the strawberry jam, and so what was to have been a tart, but which was now a pudding, went into the oven and thence to the table.  Mrs. Greaves’ very words to her cook were ‘continue to make them in that way’”.

At the Old House Museum you will find a display relating to this account: Mrs Greaves herself preparing a Bakewell Pudding.  Trevor Brighton’s book: ‘Mrs. Ann Greaves and the Bakewell Pudding’ (for sale at the desk) gives accounts of the possible origins of the pudding and includes various recipes, one of which is the earliest written recipe from Mrs. Greaves in the hand-written notebooks of Mrs. Thornhill of Great Longstone, dated 1863.

However this is not the end of the story!  The Derbyshire Records Office has loaned the museum Clara Palmer Morewood’s hand-written recipe for a Bakewell Pudding dated 1837! This precious item is displayed behind glass at the museum until November 5th 2013.  See it while you can!