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Bakewell Town Hall Paranormal Investigation

posted Apr 21, 2017, 9:58 PM by Whatson Bakewell   [ updated Apr 21, 2017, 9:59 PM ]
Brave ghost hunters have been snapping up the chance to take part in a paranormal investigation in one of Bakewell’s most iconic buildings.

Bakewell Town Hall has a long history, with many stories of weird and wonderful happenings.

Now, paranormal investigators are to return to the building after capturing what they believe was strong evidence of the afterlife.

And members of the public have been eager to take the chance to join them, with just a few tickets remaining for the overnight investigation.

Paranormal Friends first investigated the building in December and gathered lots of evidence, including glass divination, table tipping and there even appeared to be a partial apparition emanating from the table which was captured on camera.

Co-founder of the midlands based team, Christopher Morris said, “I've taken possibly thousands of similar images and never have I seen such an anomaly before.

“The team just can’t wait to make our return visit.

“Bakewell was such an intriguing and active location and we are delighted to be coming back.

“Lots of people are joining us again too, but there is still chance for a few more people to come along and see what we might discover this time.”

Military and naval connections and strange noises are just some of the reported links between Bakewell Town Hall and the paranormal world.

Members of staff have heard noises in parts of the building and mediums have sensed the connections with armed forces.

The investigation takes place on Saturday, May 6, with the team having access to all the public areas of the building.

Investigators will use a combination of spiritual and scientific methods of investigation including Victorian style séances, table tipping, glass divination and K2 meters.

The last few tickets for the ghost hunt, which runs from 8pm to 1am, cost £25 which includes light refreshments.

For more information or to book tickets, visit or join the Facebook group by searching Paranormal Friends.